Arbormatic provides a novel suite of tools that simplifies the on-site creation of Arborist Reports that are used for housing development planning. This leaves you with more time to spend in the field with customers and less time in the office with a calculator.

Arbormatic is a web-based tool that creates Development Reports with built-in TPZ / SRZ Calculators and provides the ability to create your own customised Arborist Report Templates. All collected data and calculations are based on AS 4970 : 2009 “Protection of trees on development sites.”

Being a web-based tool means that you can access Arbormatic using any sort of device that has an internet connection and a web-browser so your data is automagically backed up and you don’t need to purchase or download any software. Your device could be a PC, Mac, tablet, smartphone or anything else with an Internet connection (eg a smart-fridge perhaps, although that could be a bit cumbersome for field-work).

Free trial of Arbormatic
Getting Started Guide

The trial version allows users to create an initial set of reports free-of-charge. Following this trial period, standard charges will apply if the user chooses to continue to use Arbormatic services.