Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

If you have any additional questions that aren’t answered below, please don’t hesitate to contact us at

Q1. It’s not clear how many reports I can do with the free trial because the account page shows $200
A1. At the moment, we are beta-testing the Arbormatic tools and adding new features all the time. At this point in time it is 100% free because we are seeking users to trial from the broader arboriculture industry and gain their feedback.
What you see in the account section is sample data for functionality testing, but in effect it does demonstrate that we’ve provided free credits for you to trial Arbormatic.
We will advise all trial users in advance before starting to charge for this service, so you can opt out at that time without paying anything. However, we hope you find value in what we’re creating and continue to use Arbormatic.

Q2. Can I purchase the product outright?
A2. Arbormatic is designed to be used on a small pay-as-you-go model so that costs are offset by revenues gained from providing the reports to customers. This model is known in the IT industry as SaaS (Software as a Service).

Q3. Will it work on a Mac?
A3. It will work on any device that has an Internet browser and an Internet connection

Q4. Where is the information stored?
A4. The information is stored and backed up on high-availability servers on the Internet so that the service and your data remains reliably accessible

Q5. Does it take longer to record data than using the traditional method of paper-based recordings?
A5. We have included many techniques to speed up the recording process (eg automatic text entry and quick-select lists). However, the speed comes not so much in the recording process, but the automatic calculation of TPZ, SRZ, etc from the recorded data as well as templated report creation. It also avoids the double-handling that comes from recording it first on paper and secondly when recorded into an electronic report format.

Q6. Can we create our own tree lists?
A6. Yes, you sure can. There is a form in the application that allows you to add new species to the list if you are unable to find a particular plant in our large pre-populated list